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Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting

About Us

Our dream to start a pet care company began in the Late Summer of 2015. A lifetime of owning and caring for animals has driven our desire to work in the pet care field. Using the knowledge gained from working with pets through volunteering, training, and pet sitting positions allowed us to put together the ideas to what we looked to provide for our own company. With our dog Sir Mc'Fluffin Stuff as a big part of our inspiration, it was only right that his name be a part of the company, hence the name Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting. Our passion for animal care and pursuit of excellence in providing quality services has allowed our company to grow from seeing 1 or 2 clients weekly to having over 100+ repeating clients and providing services for 200+ pets of all species!  With training from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters on business management, animal safety, and animal behavior, we look to continue our best to push the company forward and continue to provide quality pet care to the Broad Ripple Community. We look forward to you joining the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family!

Trained to Provide Quality Pet Care

We work directly with clients to determine the necessities for you pets. We emphasize helping maintain any daily dietary, walking schedule, or training routine our clients may have for each of their fur babies. Our goal is make a lasting relationship with our client's pets and treat them like part of our family!

Trained in Animal Behavior

One of our goals in proving quality pet care is ensuring our clients pets recieive postive reinforcement for good behavior. We work with our clients to determine behaviors they want to continue to encourage and work with the pets to help them acheive those behavioral goals. NAPPS Certification includes courses and continued learning opportunities in Animal Behavior, Positive Reinforment, and Behavioral Modification.

Training in Animal Health and Safety

NAPPS Training includes an in-depth 16-week course covering all topics relevant to pet health and safety, including vaccination information, nutrition, and a complete pet first aid course. Continous training includes courses in recognizing potential illnesses and troublesome behaviors, adminiting medications, treating symptoms, and information on common illnesses with cats and dogs.

Meet the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family!

Melinda Condon - Owner

Melinda is the heart, soul, and face of the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting. Melinda is responsible for new client inquiries, consultations, scheduling, event planning, community outreach, networking, hiring, employee training, and just about everything else need to get make our business go.  All these responsibilities go along with being our Head pet sitter, handling dog walks, training consultations, pickup and drop off appointments and doggy field trips!

Melinda has been working with animals for over a decade. She has been pet sitting since 2012, getting certified to pet sit professionally by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters in 2015. Melinda has a background and training in animal behavior, safety, and health.  She loves her position because it allows her to help hone her skills in animal behavior, giving her more experience in learning how positive reinforcement to help animals learn. Her combination of skills along with her ambition and professional experience makes her Broad Ripple's Number 1 Pet Sitter!

Kyle Benbow - Co-Owner

Kyle is Melinda's fiancé and business partner. Kyle and Melinda have been together since March of 2013. Within the 1st two weeks into their relationship, Melinda adopted Sir Mc Fluffin Stuff and that move helped boost Kyle love and relationships with animals!

Kyle is currently enrolled at Ball State University in the Master's Social Psychology Program. While graduate school does keep him busy, he also is responsible for helping communicating with clients, sending invoices, collecting and organizing paperwork for clients and employees, and helping with community outreach and events. When Kyle does have availability, he also helps with daily dog walks, pickups, and helping watch pups over for Doggy Day Care and Boarding.

Kyle has a background in Clinical Psychology research and ABA therapy. He brings many valuable skills in behavioral changes through reinforcement. His love for pets makes him a natural for Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting.