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The first step in pet care is learning about the pet and pet parent. Our counsultations is where we meet you and your pet in person to find out all the information we need from the pet parent. To get a head start fill out the a Client profile and Pet Profile ( Dog , Cat, Other ) and email us to set up a counsoltations. There we will go over details including dietary necessities, medication administration, basic commands, vetenarian information, and other vital information needed  to fully take care of your pet. The jouney to beginning a relationship with Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting begins here!

Benefits of In-Home Care

 Exercise, playtime, and walks are an important part of your pet's health,
happiness, and well-being. Our in home visit service focuses on
providing your pet with the playtime, feeding, exercise, and potty
breaks it needs while you are away from home. For in home visits, we
work with the clients to develop a care plan based around the schedule
and the necessities of the pets. Our goal is to make sure pets in our care
receive as much love and attention to detail that their pet parent


Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting upholds the standards set by National Association of Professional Pet Sitters  Pledge of Professional Conduct. Our goal is to operate our business in a professional manner while delivering skillful, safe, compassionate care to all pets in our supervision. We pledge to continually improve our knowledge of the pet sitting profession by participating in educational opporunities. We also support and encourage responsible pet ownership with our clients as well as in the community. 

In-Home Dog Visits

 We offer visits for early morning breakfast, to midday lunch, and evening dinner visits.  Our midday dog visits allow your pup to take a break during the day to get out for a potty break, walk, and get some playtime! Breakfast and Dinner visits provide all the same amenities as the midday visit, but also include feeding. These visits are 30 minutes at $14/visit, and covers up to 2 sibling dogs. Additional dogs are $7. Breakfast hours are 6:00am-8:00am. Midday hours are 10:00am-3:00pm. Dinner hours are 4:00pm-7:00pm.

In-Home Cat Visits

Our cat care service provides love and attention for your kitten while you are away! We understand that not all cats a social beings but even the shyest cats can still benefit from visits while you are out of town. Upon arrival we locate all cats to make sure the are healthy and well. We also scoop the litter boxes and provide fresh food and water.  During this time we will also water any plants, bring in mail, rotate lights among many other amenities. We recommend at least one visit/day while you are away, but we will work with you to insure the best possible care for your cat’s needs! Each visit is 30 minutes and is $14.00.

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care package is the ultimate package for in-home pet care. These visits allow your fur kid the comfort of staying home while still having proper care while you are away.  This service will take care of all your pets needs throughout the day with a breakfast, midday, and dinner visit. During these visits your pets will have playtime, walks, feeding, fresh water, and potty breaks! This service is priced at $64/day.
On Sight Pet Care
 Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting offers on-site services for events that you do not want your pup to miss! On-site care includes handling, walking, photogrophy and transportation to and from the event. We specialize in weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and other dog friendly gatherings.
Exotic Pets
Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting doesn't discriminate when it comes to providing quality care. We are trained and certified to provide care for rabbits, hamsters, lizards, turtles, snakes, goats, chickens, and any other critters that you may have. For any inquiries for a pet that is not a dog or a cat, fill out this form and email us!