Pet of the Month 
Each month features a different pet and gives a little insight to the wonderful pets they are!  Each pet gets an Official Good Pet Award with a gift basket.
Name: Remi

NickName: Remi Pa and Mr. Wigglebutt

Age: 1

Breed: Flat-Coated Retriever
Favorite activities: Remi loves the company of others dogs. Find him a playmate and he can run and jump around for hours!

Dog Superpower: Remi has the ability to get along and be friends with almost any dog.

Why Remi the Pet of the Month: Remi's playfulness and positive energy brings good vibes to our house and our other pets. He usually leaves here ready for a long night of sleep after getting to play with some of his best friends!


Name: Hazel

NickName: Hazel Bazel, Hazey

Age: 4

Breed: English Chocolate Lab

Favorite activities: Hazel is a walking machine! She loves going out, seeing the sights, and is very photogenic

Best Trick: Tell Hazel Stay and she will allow give you a great opportunity and pose for a photo

Why Hazel the Pet of the Month: Hazel has been a welcome addition to the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family for about a year. She’s a very pretty well-trained girl who always keeps a smile on her face!


Name: Boomer

NickName: Metro Boomin, Boomy, Boomy Boom

Age: 12

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Favorite activities: Boomer loves playing fetch and Tug-of-War!

Favorite Treat: BilJac Gooberlicious Soft Treats

Why Boomer the Pet of the Month: Boomer stayed with us from January to April and feels like an adopted son. His playful attitude and youthful energy makes him a bundle of fun to have around. He will be missed by many of our regulars dog visitors and our own 3 dogs, but I'm sure his parents are happy to have him home!

Name: Rudy Weller

NickName: Rudy Dooby Doo

Birthday: August
17th, 2015

Breed: Aussie Doodle

Best Trick: "Place" will get Rudy to find his bed from anywhere in the house!

Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks from Mom!

Why He's the Pet of the Month: Rudy always comes over with a fun attitude, ready to start the party. He's a high energy, very playful pup who fits in perfectly with Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family. He's is also very photogenic!