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As a pet sitter, dog and cat mom, pet activist, and all-around animal enthusiast, I collect a lot of knowledge about these loving critters we call our family! Look into my life as a pet person, while I share all my pet information! You will see everything from pet friendly recipes, safety tips, product reviews, and even event recaps! So, stay toned as we bring you content weekly! Message me any requests you have for videos!


  1. Welcome to Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting
    23 Oct, 2017
    Welcome to Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting
    Hey Guys!  Back in August I stated the "Life by Mac Blog", and almost as so as I began posting, I stopped posting.  I knew I had so much I wanted to share with friends, family, clients, and really anyone who cares enough to listen.  I started making a "brand" to myself which took up a lot of time that I could have been spending on work, my first passion! That’s when I realized my brand has always been my business!  I have now merge my blogging efforts into the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting
  2. Clean Dog is a Healthy Dog
    23 Oct, 2017
    Clean Dog is a Healthy Dog
    Taking our fur kids to the vet is a large part of keeping them in good health. Staying current on vaccinations and going in for regular checkups is a key component to preventing and detecting certain ailments. Another major contributing factor to keeping your pet healthy is practicing good hygiene. Keeping your pup and the environment they live in clean will keep them happy and healthy!  I’m sure people have different routines for their pets but this is the way we do it. Baths We keep a
  3. Traveling With Pups
    23 Oct, 2017
    Traveling With Pups
    Recently I traveled to Chicago for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters Education and Networking Forum. It was an amazingly fun and informative trip, but the best part was getting to bring one of my fur babies with.  I took the smallest, easiest pup to travel with, which would be my little girl Tay Tay.  There were many things we packed and prepare to make sure we were ready for a weekend away from home.  This article will give you a run through of the must haves when traveling