About Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting
      Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting was founded on the dream of being able to provide services for animals and the local community. With education and certification provided from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), we guarantee you that you will receive the best care for your pet. Our passion for animals is only surpassed by our pursuit of excellence when it comes to ensuring that our services are everything that you expect and more. We look forward to you joining the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family!
The Fluffy Puppy Family
       We are a fun loving, energetic family who loves the company of animals!   The current members of our family include Sir McFluff'n Stuff, a Shepard, Collie, Pit mix.  Fluff is a very energetic dog with a love for running, playing fetch, chasing sticks, and meeting new people.  His younger brother B-Magic is our Pit, Boxer, Hound mix. We got him from the Indianapolis Mega-Adoption Event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in October 2014. It was love at first site and it's been a great time enjoying his puppy-like enthusiasm! 
To find out more about the leaders of this pack please read below!
Pack Leaders
Melinda Condon
I am Melinda Condon and I own and operate Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting. I am a dedicated, energetic, organized, and highly-motivated person with a love for animals. I created Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting to provide a service for the community that allows pet owners to have complete peace of mind that their loved one is receiving quality care while they are away. As a parent of 3 pets, I understand how important it is to ensure our pets receive top notch quality care. I take pride in providing a wonderful experience for each and every pet during each and every visit.
Kyle Benbow
My name is Kyle Benbow and I am a recent college graduate from IUPUI. I graduated in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My goal after graduation was to find a position in a socially oriented environment that works with individuals in need. I always wanted a position where I am able to provide community services to benefit society as a whole.
My role at Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting is to help with organization, advertising, community outreach, and provide all services available. I also provide a dog-jogging/running service to help give your dog the exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy.
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