The Fluffy Puppy Family

      Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting was founded on the dream of being able to provide services for animals and the local community. With education and certification provided from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), we guarantee you that you will receive the best care for your pet. Our passion for animals is only surpassed by our pursuit of excellence when it comes to ensuring that our services are everything that you expect and more. We look forward to you joining the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family!
  1. Nihili
    What an amazing kitty! When we rescued her she was to scared to move more than 5 feet! She has blossomed into a wild, confident, loving kitty! She now enjoys laying in the sun with her canine siblings, and loves all of our visiting pups!
  2. B-Magic
    B-Magic is our Pit, Boxer, Hound mix. We got him from the Indianapolis Mega-Adoption Event at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in October 2014. It was love at first site and it's been a great time enjoying his puppy-like enthusiasm!